In our business it’s a fundamental necessity to have a great team of highly motivated and skilled people who like to work in a collaborative environment.  Here at OSS-Integrators we’re always on the search for talented professionals who would be a strategic fit in our environment and be fun to work with.  Through the years we have found the people who thrive best in our diverse team share some common traits including:

  • You are at your best when facing a good challenge
  • You like getting stuff done both as an individual and as a team
  • You appreciate working alongside others whom you respect
  • You enjoy being creative and are good at communicating your ideas

If OSSI-Integrators sounds like a firm where you could thrive please get in touch with us and let’s explore the opportunities.


Current Open Positions

Network and Systems Management Software Ace

OSS-Integrators is looking for a new member of our Seattle area team.   We’re searching for a talented network and system management ace that has yet to find an integration problem they couldn’t solve.  This is a fun opportunity to work with our clients both as a project team member and as a quick hit “special teams” player creating software tools and finding software solutions to solve problems.

Some activities that you should feel comfortable with or are excited to grow into include:

  • Creating tools to automate and accelerate operations tasks
  • Using application APIs to integrate tools and applications
  • Taking on the responsibility to learn a new tool or technology and teaching others
  • Working with commercial and opensource tools and platforms

We won’t go into the technologies here but if this sounds like a position on our team you would like to play, come tell us what technologies you like to use and why.

Operations Management Platforms – Senior Consultant

We are recruiting candidates for a position as a Senior Consultant in the Tivoli Operations Management product suite.  In this role you will be directly engaged with our clients providing consulting, solution delivery, and support.  This individual will be experienced and should be certified in multiple products in the Tivoli suite with special emphasis on:

  • IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact
  • IBM Tivoli Netcool / Omnibus
  • IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager

Operations Management Platform Architect – Principal Consultant

We are recruiting for a Principal Architect in Operations Management Platforms.  This key leadership role will work at strategic levels with our clients supporting them throughout their operational and project phases.

Operations Workflow Automation – Senior Consultant

We are recruiting a Senior Analyst of Operations Workflow Automation.   Consultants in this role work directly with our clients to develop and optimize workflow in all facets of the operations environment.

Operations Intelligence and Analytics – Senior Consultant

We are recruiting for a Senior Consultant in our Operations Intelligence and Analytics practice.   Consultants in this role provide expertise to our clients helping them improve their organization through the instrumentation, collection, and analysis of operational data.