Our Company

Founded in 2002, OSS Integrators is an IT operations consulting and analytics firm that provides solutions to improve our clients’ network uptime and dependability. We collaborate with our clients to not only provide unparalleled technical services, but we also strive to become their trusted advisor. As a trusted advisor, we can maximize value and impact by fully understanding and achieving our clients’ complex business and technical objectives.

Our Customers

We are proud to work with many mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, and we are dedicated to providing operational excellence in vital data, telecommunication, and cloud infrastructures. Our expertise and custom solutions help our clients service their 119,000,000 customers.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions that monitor and manage our clients’ critical networks to ensure uptime, dependability, and efficiency. We specialize in solution engineering, software integration, and support services for Operations Support Systems (OSS) platforms. Our teams work collaboratively with clients through all phases of architecture, design, implementation, and production support.